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Build A USS Enterprise Model Kit For Sci-Fi Novel Writing Inspiration

Building a model kit could provide an incredible experience for someone wishing to tap into creativity. Someone planning on writing a science-fiction novel might take days or weeks to complete a USS Enterprise model kit. Spending time working on the model kit may lead a Star Trek fan to think about his/her favorite episodes. The kit could prove inspiring enough that it opens many floodgates of creative ideas. Purchasing a model kit best-suited for creativity might increase the chances things work out to the writer's benefit. Read More 

Are You Spoiling Your Wife On Her Birthday?

Each birthday, you try hard to buy your wife a gift that exceeds her expectations. If so, maybe this year you are buying your wife an expensive handbag created by Italian designers that have been around since their business was established in 1985. Obviously, being around since that time means that beauty and quality are part of each of the designer's creations. Read on for some ideas that might help you to shop for a gift that will delight your wife when she opens it. Read More 

Vacation Wardrobe – It Does Not Have To Take 3 Suitcases To Look Great

Planning a vacation can be a great deal of fun. Buying the wardrobe for the vacation— well, that can be a bit more stressful than the vacation planning itself. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you find the clothing that you'll need for your vacation without having to pack several suitcases and pay for the extra baggage on your flight. Study Temperature Trends One thing about traveling far from home is that the climate may be completely different than what you're used to. Read More 

Use A Decoupage Technique To Decorate An Old Or New Lampshade

A silk, linen, or cotton lampshade may be adorning your favorite lamp, but what if you are ready to add a subtle hint of color or texture to your desk or seating area and don't want to invest in new lighting or furnishings? A standard shade can be used to create a decoupage design that contains overlapping colored cutouts that are part of a specific theme. Use your creativity to design shades that can be utilized for a specific holiday or time of the year or that remind you of your loved ones or fun experiences from your past. Read More 

Tips For Buying Star Trek Pins Online

If you are a Star Trek fan, gathering a collection of Star Trek pins is probably something you have on your radar. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to head to a local collector to purchase a pin — there are plenty of options on the internet. However, when buying online, there are some helpful steps to follow to ensure you have the best buying and collecting experience. Read More