Are You Spoiling Your Wife On Her Birthday?

Each birthday, you try hard to buy your wife a gift that exceeds her expectations. If so, maybe this year you are buying your wife an expensive handbag created by Italian designers that have been around since their business was established in 1985. Obviously, being around since that time means that beauty and quality are part of each of the designer's creations. Read on for some ideas that might help you to shop for a gift that will delight your wife when she opens it. 

Celebrate Summer

This year, think of buying a handbag that celebrates summertime with flower designs. Consider buying a medium size canvas shoulder tote with splashes of different colored roses over the entire handbag. Another exceptional gift would be to buy a handbag made of woven fabric and with embroidered flowers and leaves as the main design. A fixed top handle with an additional detachable shoulder strap would add versatility to the handbag. A flower-shaped padlock gives an extra sweet touch to the design.

A smaller handbag is also a good choice. It would be appropriate for both daytime use and for an evening event. This type of handbag will hold only a few small essentials like a handkerchief, lipstick, a comb, a driver's license, and a credit card. Another smaller choice would be a nylon cosmetic pouch bag. Choose one with a black background and gorgeous pink roses as the focal point of the bag. 

A Second Gift

Think of how much fun it will be for your wife to find that a second gift has been tucked inside her new luxury handbag. Choose second gifts that are created by the same handbag designers. For instance, rosebud drop earrings would be one good choice for a second gift. Rolled up floral slim leg pants to match a floral themed handbag would be perfect. If you are wanting to select a gift that is a big naughty, go with a pink corset. Designer sunglasses in the cosmetic pouch would be another fun gift.

It's true that you'll be spending a some money on the handbag and on the second gift you select for your wife. The workmanship that makes each piece exceptional also means that your wife will enjoy her gifts for many years to come. The classic designs of your gifts will never go out of style, either.

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