A Visit To Your Local Shopping Center Can Help You To Set Up Your Man Cave

If you've decided to set up a part of your home as a man cave, it's easy to start daydreaming about all the fun that you'll have hanging out with your friends in the years ahead. Before those gatherings can take place, however, you'll need to set up this space to make it comfortable and entertaining. A visit to your local shopping center will help you to buy many of the things that you need — especially if the mall is a large one with dozens of stores. While the exact way that people set up man caves can vary, you will definitely want the following things.

TV And Surround-Sound System

During much of the time that you and your friends spend in your man cave, you'll be watching a sporting event or a movie. At the shopping center, you can visit an electronics store to evaluate the different TV options. If your man cave space is large, you may want to buy the biggest TV that can reasonably fit on the wall — perhaps something as big as 60 or 70 inches. Another option is a projector system and screen, which provides a theater-like feel for you and your guests. A surround-sound system that hooks up to the TV will provide better sound quality than the TV's speakers.


You want you and your guests to be comfortable in your man cave, so you'll need to think about what furniture will achieve this goal. Visit your shopping center's furniture store to get some ideas. You might want a large sectional couch, while another option is a handful of recliner chairs. If you enjoy playing cards, consider a round table and a bunch of chairs. Some furniture stores even have poker tables, so this may be an option, too. You can also buy barstools if you plan to install a bar somewhere in the man cave.


It's common to hang posters on the walls of your man cave, so head to the shopping center's poster store to see what it has available. There are several directions that you can take. Poster stores often have movie posters, so you might like the idea of buying a handful of prints that depict your favorite films. If you're more of a sports fan, sports posters will be appropriate. You can buy these at some poster stores, while another option to consider is a sports store in the mall.