3 Steps Involved In Getting New Commercial Carpet Installed In Your Building

Commercial carpeting is a good choice for an office building. Carpet gives your rooms an attractive appearance while maintaining a professional atmosphere. If your office building needs new carpeting, you may be dreading all the work that's involved. However, commercial carpet installation professionals can put in your new carpet with very little disruption. Here's a look at how your commercial carpet may be installed.

1. Agree On A Work Plan

Installing carpet in several rooms of your building could take several days. You don't want your employees to be bothered and their productivity affected, so the carpet installation crew may arrange to work at night after your employees are gone for the day.

In addition to agreeing on working hours, you and the contractor will develop a plan for how to progress from room to room. With this information known ahead of time, employees can remove personal items and you can make arrangements for the room to be ready when it's time to put the carpet in.

If you let your carpet installers handle the furniture during the installation process, then your employees shouldn't be impacted by any of the work that needs to be done. However, if your office operates at night too, then you may need to move workers to a different area temporarily while the carpet goes down in their usual area.

2. Decide How To Handle The Furniture

If your company has its own maintenance crew, you might want the crew to clear each room the day before the carpet installers arrive to work that night. That might make the work go faster, but it isn't necessary. Commercial carpet installers can move furniture when it's in the way. However, it's also possible to put down new carpet without moving heavy pieces of furniture.

Some commercial carpet installation companies use furniture lifting equipment so heavy modular furniture can stay in place. The carpet can then be installed under it. This ensures that the furniture is exactly where it belongs when the carpet is down. Plus, cables and cords don't have to be disconnected, so your employees can return the next morning and go right to work.

3. Choose The Carpet Installation Method

Commercial carpet is often glued directly to the concrete slab or subfloor. This holds the carpet in place and makes it easy for wheeled carts, office chairs on wheels, and wheelchairs to move across the carpet.

Another way to install carpet is to stretch it. This is common for residential carpet installation. Your carpet installer will help you choose the best installation method for the type of carpet you buy and the room it will be installed in.