Mildred Lopez

How Shopping Can Make a Difference: Supporting Cancer Patients

Joining in on the fight against cancer doesn't always have to involve traditional methods such as fundraising or awareness campaigns. One innovative way to support cancer patients is by simply doing what you already love — shopping. By shopping at stores that partner with charities to provide cancer support, you can make a meaningful impact on the lives of those battling this disease. Explore how shopping can truly make a difference in the fight against cancer. Read More 

Squirrel Bird Feeders: A Novel Approach to Backyard Wildlife Management

A squirrel bird feeder, an innovative solution in backyard wildlife management, provides an engaging way to observe and feed squirrels while simultaneously offering sustenance to feathered friends. This unique approach embraces the natural behavior of squirrels, turning potential bird feeder pests into fascinating guests. The Benefits of a Squirrel Bird Feeder: Promotes Backyard Biodiversity By providing a dedicated feeding spot for squirrels, these feeders contribute to maintaining a diverse ecosystem within one's backyard. Read More 

Ideal Traits For Promotional Water Bottles Geared Toward Children

When you plan to order a large quantity of promotional items to distribute, there are lots of product categories to think about. Drinkware is popular, with travel mugs, traditional coffee mugs, and glasses all being items to consider. These types of drinkware are popular among adults, but it can also be useful to think about what items you can have available for children. In some cases, children may attend your event and be able to pick up these items themselves; in other cases, adults at the event can take home drinkware for their kids. Read More 

A Collector’s Guide: How to Buy Rare American Coins

Collecting rare American coins is not only a fascinating hobby but also an investment in history. Each coin tells a unique story of its time, and owning a piece of that history can be deeply satisfying. However, knowing how to purchase these coins safely and wisely requires some understanding. Here is the process of buying rare American coins. 1. Understand What Makes a Coin 'Rare' Not all old coins are rare or valuable. Read More 

Need A New Pair Of Shoes? Why Invest In A Pair Of Calfskin Sneakers

If you're looking for a new pair of shoes, move calfskin sneakers to the top of the list. You might think that calfskin is the wrong material for sneakers, but that's not the case. Calfskin sneakers wrap your feet in soft luxury. But, there are other reasons to choose calfskin for your next pair of sneakers. If you're not sure that calfskin shoes are right for you, read the list below. Read More