Ideal Traits For Promotional Water Bottles Geared Toward Children

When you plan to order a large quantity of promotional items to distribute, there are lots of product categories to think about. Drinkware is popular, with travel mugs, traditional coffee mugs, and glasses all being items to consider. These types of drinkware are popular among adults, but it can also be useful to think about what items you can have available for children. In some cases, children may attend your event and be able to pick up these items themselves; in other cases, adults at the event can take home drinkware for their kids. If you plan to order custom promotional branded products such as water bottles for kids, consider these traits.

Vibrant Colors

Few things can appeal to children as quickly as vibrant colors, so it's worthwhile to choose bright hues when you order water bottles for kids. Stainless steel water bottles, for example, are commonly available in a wide range of colors. While an adult might favor a standard steel look, most kids will appreciate something that has a brighter look. Consider having water bottles in such colors as red, yellow, blue, green, and pink. This will ensure that any children who has the opportunity to select one of the bottles can pick a favorite color.


Many of today's parents take their children's hydration very seriously and want their kids to take water with them when they leave home. An easy and popular way for a child to carry water is to take a reusable water bottle, and one made of stainless steel is ideal because of its durability. Look for water bottles that are equipped with carabiners on the lids. This will allow a child to easily clip the bottle to the exterior of their backpack, keeping it more accessible than placing the bottle inside of the backpack.


While some stainless steel water bottles simply unscrew at the top, others are equipped with a top that features a drinking nozzle. The presence of a nozzle makes a water bottle more appealing to children. Not only will sucking from the nozzle seem more fun — which helps to keep the child drinking more water and their parents happier — but the narrow diameter of the nozzle means that there's also less of a risk of spilling water on themselves and feeling embarrassed. Look for these features when you assess stainless steel water bottles to customize and hand out for children at your events.