3 Ways To Wear Maxi Dresses Stylishly

Sometimes, maxi dresses are seen as overly boring or bland. But this does not have to be the case! You do not have to look like you're wearing a colorful tent when you're in a maxi dress. In fact, you can easily look quite beautiful. It all comes down to styling the dress appropriately. Here are three ways to wear a maxi dress stylishly.

Pair it with a thick belt.

Do you feel like your maxi dresses are often too loose in the mid-section, making you look a bit frumpy and boxy? The best solution to this is to pair your maxi dress with a wide belt. Look for a belt made from stretchy material, such as canvas or elasticized suede. It should be in a color that contrasts the dress. For instance, if you have a pink maxi dress, you can pair it with a tan belt. You want the belt to be tight enough that it accentuates your waistline, but not so tight that it makes you uncomfortable. Position it just above your hips for the best look.

Wear it with a cardigan.

This look is best for winter since it involves layering more clothes on top of your maxi dress. It's actually a good option if you have a short-sleeve or sleeveless maxi dress that you want to get more wear out of. Look for a simple cardigan that you can wear over the top of your maxi dress. It usually looks best if the cardigan comes just past your waist since this makes it look like it is flowing with your dress. You can do up one button for a more cinched-in look, or just leave it open for a breezy, airy appeal. 

With glam accessories.

If you glam up every other aspect of your look, then your maxi dress will look glam, too. Look for a simple, silver or gold necklace, a glam bracelet or two, and perhaps a pair of diamond earrings. You can also look for a simple, chain link belt and some shoes that are studded with rhinestones. This is a good option if you actually like the flowing, looser fit of your maxi dress, but still want to look polished in spite of that fit.

Maxi dresses are more versatile than you might think. By simply changing the accessories and items you wear with a maxi dress, you can affect the way the dress sits and fits you. Look for brands that suit you (for instance, Oliphant maxi dresses).