Three Benefits Of Wooden Dollhouses

If you have a child who enjoys playing with dolls, a good gift to consider for them is a dollhouse. Instead of buying a standard plastic structure that some of your child's friends may also own, consider a handmade wooden product that offers a number of unique details. An online search will reveal plenty of options, so you can choose one that will be a good fit for your child and their doll collection. Here are some reasons that it's worthwhile to shop for a wooden dollhouse instead of a plastic one.

More Durability

While plastic is durable to a certain degree, some plastic dollhouses have thin components that could easily snap. While it's always important to teach your child to play gently with their toys, your child's friends may not always have the same mindset. Excited, rough play could easily cause a part of a plastic dollhouse to break, which may upset your child and potentially require you to shop for a replacement structure. You can expect that a wooden dollhouse will offer much more durability. Even after years of use, the dollhouse may continue to have a like-new appearance. When your child outgrows this toy, you could then think about passing it down to a family member or friend.

Requires More Imagination

Plastic dollhouses often have stickers that depict various elements around the house, including TVs, appliances, and more. Wooden dollhouses don't generally come with stickers, which means that your child will have an opportunity to use their imagination more when they play. Most parents seek toys that will foster their children's imagination, and a wooden dollhouse can fit these criteria. For example, instead of the kitchen space of the house featuring stickers that depict the various kitchen appliances, your child will need to imagine where these appliances might be and proceed accordingly as they play.

Better Appearance

Whereas plastic dollhouses can often feature garish colors, wooden dollhouses generally have more of a subdued and classic look. If you're a parent who is particular about the look of your home, this is something that you'll likely appreciate. For example, if your child plays with their dollhouse in the living room, they might push the structure against a wall or set it on a nearby table when they're not actively using it. A wooden dollhouse would add a stylish and timeless look to the room, while a plastic house could stand out for the wrong reasons. Look online to find a wooden dollhouse for sale.