Tips When Purchasing a Shungite Pendant

Shungite is a special type of mineraloid that is characterized by its black appearance and healing properties. That's why a lot of people wear jewelry featuring this substance. If you plan on doing the same with shungite pendants, this buying advice will help.

Choose a Durable Material for the Necklace Portion

Part of a shungite pendant is the necklace portion that goes around your neck. You want to go with a durable necklace material because of the weight of the shungite and the added confidence you'll have. 

A durable necklace material like silver won't easily break, so you can be confident about wearing the shungite pendant in different situations and it holding up. Steel and titanium are other durable materials to consider for the necklace portion.

Verify Skin-Friendly Properties 

Shungite has a lot of amazing healing properties, but you still want to look into the manufacturing process before buying a particular shungite pendant. Then you can see how the shungite was sourced and how it was treated before being made into a pendant. Look to see that it has skin-friendly properties.

Then you can wear this pendant around your neck without the worry of having a reaction like itchiness or redness later. Speaking to shungite pendant suppliers and manufacturers directly is probably the easiest way to verify skin-friendly properties. If you have a particular skin allergy, you can bring this up and then see if their treatment process will have an impact. 

Consider Polishing for Added Sheen 

The blackness of shungite makes it one of the more unique materials to feature in jewelry, but if you want a shungite pendant looking even more distinct, make sure the shungite has been polished. Then it will have an amazing luster that makes your pendant stand out in a big way.

When you're out in the sun, the polish will make the shungite pendant shine in unique ways. That's something to pursue if you're hoping this shungite pendant becomes a statement piece for an important occasion. Just make sure you go with a skilled manufacturer that can complete polishing without damaging the beautiful and amazing properties of shungite.

Wearing shungite around your body can bring a lot of healing benefits to the table, as well as give you something unique to show off. If you plan on accessing these amazing things by getting a shungite pendant, take your time to find something truly special. 

Talk to a supplier of elite shungite pendants for more information.