Use A Decoupage Technique To Decorate An Old Or New Lampshade

A silk, linen, or cotton lampshade may be adorning your favorite lamp, but what if you are ready to add a subtle hint of color or texture to your desk or seating area and don't want to invest in new lighting or furnishings? A standard shade can be used to create a decoupage design that contains overlapping colored cutouts that are part of a specific theme. Use your creativity to design shades that can be utilized for a specific holiday or time of the year or that remind you of your loved ones or fun experiences from your past.

Use A Thin, Light-Colored Shade

The light that passes through the shade will play upon the decoupage design that you add. Since a thick shade or one that is a dark color may not possess a translucent surface when the light is turned on, purchase a replacement shade that is a lighter color and that is made of a thin fabric, or buy a series of shades if you plan on changing the designs often or would like to add a unique design to several lamps in your home. 

Choose A Color Scheme And A Shape Design

Decoupage is a craft that consists of overlapping cutouts to create texture. Choose a color scheme and the shape of each cutout that will be added to the shade. For example, if you are a pet lover and own a dog, maybe you could tie your pet into the artwork by using pictures that are printed on photo paper. The colors that you add to the shade will mainly encompass the colors of your dog. If you would like to include some earthy tones, select pictures that showcase your pet while they are playing or walking outdoors.

For a random design that contains pastel or neon shades, use tissue paper or parchment paper to create the decoupage artwork. Irregular shapes can be cut out or you can choose stars, circles, or another standard shape that you would like all of the paper additions to represent.

Add The Cutouts

Use sharp scissors to cut out each shape. If you are going to be affixing the paper pieces to an old lampshade, use a clean, dry paintbrush to brush dust from the shade's surface. For a new shade, remove the plastic film that is sealed around it. Apply a coat of craft glue to the entire surface of the shade's exterior. Press each cutout against the glue-covered surface.

Apply glue to the backside of cutouts that will be overlapping the edges of another paper shape. After the shade is covered in its entirety, apply a clear coat of varnish over the surface of each cutout. Wait for the varnish to dry before turning on the lamp to appreciate the artwork that you created.

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