Tips For Buying Star Trek Pins Online

If you are a Star Trek fan, gathering a collection of Star Trek pins is probably something you have on your radar. Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to head to a local collector to purchase a pin — there are plenty of options on the internet. However, when buying online, there are some helpful steps to follow to ensure you have the best buying and collecting experience.

Novelty vs. Badging

Determine what type of pins you want to add to your collection. For the most part, you can characterize Star Trek pins in two categories; novelty and badging. Novelty pins are those fashioned after particular episodes, journeys, or characters. Badging pins are those that are associated with a specific uniform, such as the Discovery. You can collect any type of pin you'd like, but having a general idea of what type of pin you are looking for will make the searching process easier. 


When shopping online, don't forget to grab your tape measure, especially if you plan to add the pins to an existing arrangement, such as on the sleeve or lapel of a collector's jacket. If you want the pin to fit well with the rest of the pins in your collection, you want to make sure it's sized appropriately. Any place you order a pin from will likely provide the exact measurement of the pin.


Consider what type of collector you are to determine what type of materials you should look for with your pins. If you want to collect pins solely for the purpose of adding to your collection, any material will work. However, if you want to amass a collection that you can pass down through the generations or one that will gain value, you probably want to look for pins that are designed in a pewter or cloisonne material, as they are more durable. 


It's also important to consider the production status of the pin. These pins typically come in a few different options, including limited production and current production. The production status of the pin will help you determine just how rare and valuable the pin actually is. Pins with limited production or that are no longer in production tend to be more valuable than pins currently still in production. 

Keep all of these tips in mind to find the pins you want to meet your collecting goals. Contact a seller of Star Trek collectible pins today in order to learn more.