Products To Help Get Your 2020 Campaign Office Fired Up

It does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat. Nothing quite gets people thinking about the 2020 campaign and election quite like novelty merchandise. Believe it or not, there is a lot of 2020 campaign novelty merchandise already out and ready to be bought. Here is how to get your party's campaign office fired up for the coming year and get people thinking about the next president.

Really Funny Merchandise

Bumper stickers saying "Feel the Bern" and nutcrackers in the shape of Hillary Clinton are remaining bits of novelty merch from the last election. No doubt a lot of the Bernie Sanders merchandise will stick around, but if you still want to squeeze the legs of a Hillary Clinton nutcracker over a walnut, you probably can. Various political memes comparing President Trump to various orange objects (including Oompa-Loompas and strange orange toads) have produced an exceptional variety and quantity of funny products. Of course, if you are pro-Trump (or just Republican), then there is more than enough funny, caricature-like Democratic merchandise to buy for your party's campaign office. 

More Serious Merchandise

Then there are the more serious novelty products. These feature the candidates on pens, pencils, and button-making kits that would have made your grandparents excited and proud for a new election. Craft the buttons and hand them round. Everyone in the campaign office gets a box of candidate pencils or "Vote!" pens. MAGA hats are back (but when did they ever really leave?). Blow your own political whistle, or toot your own political party horn. There are also political party hats, banners, ribbons, and office products of all kinds. If the political office is more festive, morale is higher, and volunteers are more fired up than ever. 

Where to Find These Products

Popular party goods stores carry a lot of this novelty merch right now, and they will undoubtedly have more as the year 2020 rolls around. Iconic novelty merchandise and joke/prank stores will have even more since they have been carrying political candidate merchandise for years. Specialty goods that are custom-made to each campaign and campaign trail have to be made on-demand, but there are companies willing and able to do that as well. After the first round of elections ends, thereby choosing party candidates for president, there will be a lot more merchandise for sale that either promotes or pokes fun at the candidates running for office.  

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