Flannet Shirt Gift Ideas For Him

If you're looking for a thoughtful present for any man on your gift-giving list, consider purchasing a men's double-pocket flannel shirt for him. They available in both lightweight and heavyweight fabrics, making them perfect year-round gifts.

Flannel shirts are typically constructed of durable all-cotton or cotton and polyester blends and feature a variety of different color patterns. For instance, you can find combinations such as red and black, blue and black, blue and green, or even red and green if you'd like a festive holiday present. Flannel shirts typically have plastic buttons but are also available with metallic and pearlized closures as well. Even if the material doesn't feel very soft at first, it will likely get softer and more broken-in with each wash.

Double-pocket shirts feature a pocket on both sides and can either be functional or simply to add to the overall aesthetics. The pockets may also feature button closures for keeping small items, such as coins, protected. 

When choosing a 100-perfect cotton shirt, keep in mind that it may shrink upon washing. If the recipient is in between two sizes, go with the larger one, or stick with a pre-shrunk fabric instead. Flannel shirts are convenient in that they're machine-washable and typically can be safely dried in a dryer. 

Here are some flannel shirt gift ideas to consider for a special man in your life:

1. Lined Flannel Shirt

If the man lives in a cold climate, a lined flannel shirt made out of a hearty wool blend will keep him stylish and warm all winter. The flannel may feature a thick fleece or another type of lining, adding a bit more bulk than a regular flannel. You can also include a basic white or black t-shirt for layering underneath. 

Round out the gift even more with a knit hat and glove set, or a pair of matching wool socks. Other ideas include jeans or work pants if the recipient will be wearing the flannel on a work site.

2. Customized Flannel Shirt 

While basic flannel color combinations are usually eye-catching themselves, you can personalize the gift by choosing a shirt with a whimsical design, such as a wolf, bear, fish or dog on the back. Use the recipient's interests and hobbies as inspiration when choosing the best one.

Other customized flannel shirt options include a monogram on one pocket, leather elbow pads, and a special word or phrase embroidered on the back.