4 Ways To Make Flying More Pleasant

Anyone who has spent any length of time in the airport knows how unpleasant air travel can be. Between the hassle of airport security and the airplane's cramped seats, it's easy to arrive at your destination feeling positively cranky. However, flying doesn't have to be an awful experience. Here are four easy things you can do to make flying more pleasant:

1. Only bring one bag.

Waiting in line at baggage claim can add at least an hour to your travel time. Skip the lines by bringing one carry on bag instead. Your carry on bag should be large enough to store everything you need for your trip and durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel. If you're only bringing one bag on your trip, make sure you invest in a good one. A tan bison leather duffel is a quality bag that combines style and utility.

2. Keep your important documents on hand.

When making your way through airport security and the boarding gate, you'll need to show your boarding pass and identification several times. If you're going abroad, you'll also need to show your passport. Keep these things on hand in an easy-to-reach location. A secure pocket is a good place, as is the outer compartment on your duffel bag. Avoid putting these documents in places that are hard to access, such as deep in your carry on, since that will hold up the line.

3. Plan for delays.

In an ideal world, everything would go smoothly at the airport, but sometime flights are delayed due to factors outside your control. There's nothing worse than getting stuck in the airport when you're on a tight deadline. If at all possible, plan your trip with plenty of breathing room. If you're traveling for a wedding or another big event, give yourself at least a day of buffer room. That way, if your flight gets delayed, you won't miss anything and you won't need to stress.

4. Bring your own entertainment.

Most airplanes provide in-flight entertainment, which helps you keep busy on the plane. However, a lot of your waiting time will be spent in the airport itself. It's a good idea to bring your own entertainment to help pass the time. If you enjoy reading, it's a good idea to bring a paperback book with you as well. During take-off and landing, you'll be asked to stow all electronic devices, but you'll still be able to read your book during this time. Choose a carry on duffel bag that has adequate room for all your entertainment needs.

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