Is Your Spouse a Major League Baseball Fan? 3 Tips on Birthday Gifts You Can Get

If your spouse is having a birthday and they are a fan of major league baseball (MLB) there are many gifts you can purchase them. Below are three of these gifts so you can give your spouse a great birthday that they will remember.


Bobbleheads, or Funko Pops, are popular and fun and many people like them no matter what age they are. You will find many bobbleheads of MLB players online. In most cases, you can find websites that allow you to sort by teams. This way you can easily find bobbleheads for your spouse's favorite team and players.

Some MLB bobbleheads will depict the player in their uniform. In other cases, the bobbleheads will be themed. For example, the MLB player may be wearing a Star Wars outfit or a Game of Thrones outfit along with their uniform. This is a good idea if your spouse is a fan of these or other shows.

Some bobbleheads are worth money so if you purchase this type of gift for your spouse make sure you take care of them. This way in the future if you ever plan to sell them you can get the most for them.

Things to Wear

There are many things you can purchase that your spouse can wear. First, a team jersey is popular. If you purchase this, purchase the jersey from a reputable website to ensure it is authentic. You will find the jerseys will range in price depending on what you choose. Along with the jersey purchase a hat also, as well as a t-shirt, hoodie, and more.

You can have shoes made that are decorated with the MLB team, such as the team's colors, logo, team name, and more. If you would like to do this, look online for shoe companies that will allow you to design shoes yourself so you can create the perfect shoes for your spouse.

Art and Photographs

If your spouse likes art, you can purchase art from their favorite team to hang on their wall. You can look online to find a variety of artists. For example, there are some artists that create the baseball stadium along with every name of the players on the team's roster.

You can also purchase a photograph of the entire team or a particular player. If the team was in a world series in the past and won, you could find photographs of these games. For example, there will be photographs of the last inning right after they win. If you go to an MLB game, take a photograph of your spouse along with a player if possible. A photograph of them standing in front of the stadium would also be good. Take the photograph and have it blown up and then frame it for your spouse.

There are many more MLB gifts you can purchase from your spouse from retail items to gifts designed and made by sellers.