Keep Your Messy Hair Under Wraps & Reduce Your Exposure to the Sun’s Rays

Driving across the country can be a lucrative and satisfying experience, but often results in days where you are faced with squinting from the sunlight that shines into your eyes or trying to smooth down your frizzy locks when you pull up to a warehouse dock to unload your goods. Invest in some headwear that demonstrates your emotions and helps you remain cool and composed, both while on the road and during times that you are unloading deliveries.

Add Comfort to the Cab Area

Cranking up the heat or turning on the air are essential in keeping the truck's interior comfortable, but this may not be helpful on days when brilliant sunshine interferes with your capability to see. A cotton hat, such as a "tanned and tipsy" trucker hat, can reduce the glare and will prevent sweat from pooling near your hairline.

Simply place a snug-fitting hat over the crown of your head and adjust the headwear's bill. You will be able to drive without straining your eyes and your tresses won't become knotted or sweat-laden. Choose several hat colors and styles that each feature their own unique lettering so that you can complement your clothing and personal style, whenever you are on the road.

Install a Pegboard for Easy Accessibility 

If you spend most of your time inside of your truck's cab, personal items should be stored neatly so that you can find what you need without being required to sift through piles of possessions. Keep your new hat collection right at your fingertips by installing a makeshift pegboard alongside one of the interior walls of your truck. Plastic laminate or corkboard can be used as the main component of the board.

Insert wood or plastic dowels throughout the length of the board. After using metal clips or hardware to secure the board to the truck's interior, hang one hat from each peg. If you get in your truck soon after waking and haven't had time to shower or brush your hair, simply grab one of your hats from the board and slip it over your head.

You won't need to worry about leaving a bad impression on others when you stop to grab a bite to eat or need to unload some items from the back of your truck. Instead, your hair will be neatly concealed and you won't look as if you haven't had any time to invest in your appearance.