Are You Having A Casual Get Together For Your Gal Friends?

Have you decided to have a get together for your gal friends? Perhaps you're celebrating the fact that kids will be back in school and you'll all have free time. Or, you might just want to get the gals together for no reason at all. From sending out actual invitations to buying funny refrigerator magnets as take home party favors, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun event.

Send Out Funny Invitation - Sending out clever invitations you make yourself will more than likely help to set the tone of your casual party. For example, even if you're not a gifted artist, you can probably do a sketch of a frazzled woman. The caption that accompanies that funny picture might say something like Let's Help Each Other Get Our Sanity Back! The inside of the invitation might encourage the gals to dress casually. If the group isn't too large, think of asking each guest to bring funny refrigerator magnets that they can trade with the other gals who are attending your get together. Part of the fun will be in reading what the silly magnets say. Don't be too surprised if some of the magnets tend to be a bit racy. Hopefully everybody present will know that it's all in fun, right? 

Play Funny Games - Of course, part of the enjoyment of getting together will be in simply visiting with each other. However, you might add to the fun by playing some funny games. For example, if you did ask your guests to bring funny refrigerator magnets, don't let them show the magnets to anybody else when they arrive at the party. At a designated time, you can present the magnets, read what each one says and then ask the gals to guess who brought them. You might be very surprised to find out which gal brought the most suggestive or the most ridiculous magnet. You'll probably not be surprised that your guests love the fact that they get to take home funny fridge magnets. After all, once they get the magnets home and put them on their refrigerator, they will more than likely continue to chuckle and they will remember the fun time they had at your house. The good thing about asking your friends to bring funny fridge magnets is that they are usually very affordable. Also, there are so many different kinds that they probably won't be duplicated.