Surprising The Lady In Your Life With A Romantic Night At Home? Here’s What You’ll Need

Surprising your loved one with a romantic night at home is a great way to enhance your intimacy and connection with one another. Here are a few things to consider stocking up on to should help ensure that the night is a success:

Aromatherapy Candles

Set the mood for the night by turning all your home's lights off and illuminating each room you'll be spending time in with a variety of scented aromatherapy candles. With the right scents wafting through the house, you're sure to enhance the romance of the night and get your partner in the mood for an intimate night together. Many scents can be used as aphrodisiacs – try one or more of the following:

  • Rose

  • Sandalwood

  • Jasmine

  • Lavender

  • Ylang Ylang

If you think you'll need more light than candles to brighten up your home for the night, consider hanging strings of fairy or holiday lights from the ceiling.

A Homemade Meal

The last thing you want the lady in your life to be thinking about while you're trying to romance her is food, so make sure that you serve up a homemade meal to begin your night. Find a recipe online for a meal that she typically enjoys, print the ingredients list out, go shopping for what you need, and plan to spend a couple hours in the kitchen prepping the meal before your romantic night is supposed to begin. Don't forget to serve up something chocolate for dessert – it's another aphrodisiac that is sure to stimulate the intimate aspects of your night.

A Spa Gift Set

Cap your romantic night off by surprising your loved one with a spa gift set that can be enjoyed together in the bath and bedroom. Make sure the gift set include luxurious loofahs, scented bath salts, moisturizing soaps, and massage lotions. You can share a bath together then make your way to the bedroom to give each other sensual massages. When you're done, you'll be be relaxed and smelling good which should help set the mood for cuddling.

When the night is over, the lady in your life will have plenty of product leftover in their gift basket, so they can treat themselves to a mini spa vacation a couple times a week in the coming months. You can even include certificates for free massages from you in the coming week, which will give you an opportunity to keep the romance going.