Selecting Sandals That Will Not Cause Summertime Pain

If you enjoy wearing sandals during the summer, you have most likely experiences some incidents where your feet ended up hurting after a long day of walking around. Sandals are great accessories that help enhance summer outfits while allowing your feet to breath instead of being stuffed into sweaty sneakers. Here are a few tips you can use to help in keeping your feet from suffering from aches and pains when you wear these shoes in the summertime.

Avoid Wearing Styles Without Back Straps

When you select a pair of low cork sandals for sale to wear, it is best to stay away from styles where there is no strap available to secure your foot into place. Your feet will tend to slide around in strapless sandals, leading to the potential for a foot injury. Sprains are more likely, as your ankles do not have the stability from the straps in keeping them from twisting. Your foot could easily fall out of the shoe as well, leading to you stepping on a sharp object. People also notice that their toes will need to grasp the front portion of their sandals in an attempt to keep them from falling off of their feet. This can lead to soreness in the toes as well as blisters.

Make Sure The Base Is Comfortable

A rigid surface for resting your foot can lead to calluses or blisters. It is a good idea to purchase a pair of sandals with a soft cushioning for your feet to rest upon to help protect them from friction as you walk. Try on several pairs of sandals so you can note the difference in softness of the bottom portion before you make a purchase. If you have a pair of sandals that you like, and they do not have a soft surface, you may want to consider purchasing an insole and affixing to the areas where your feet rest.

Look For Sandals With Arch Support

Wearing a pair of sandals with a slight arch support will aid in keeping your legs and feet from becoming sore as you wear these shoes. Get down to eye-level with a pair of shoes you have been contemplating on buying and make sure there is a raised section where the arch of your foot is to rest. If the area is completely flat, you are more likely to experience pain after wearing the sandals for the day.