The No-Whine Solution: Ways To Repurpose Small Wine Racks

If you have any small wine racks at home that are currently being unused or stored away, there's no need to relegate them to the closet shelf. If you use your creativity and a little ingenuity, you can repurpose those wine racks to create a decorative and functional part of your home decor. Because even if you don't drink wine, you can still find a good use for those small racks. Here are clever solutions that may work nicely:

1. Organize Cooking Supplies

Do you have bottles of cooking oil, vinegar or jarred spices that are taking up valuable counter space in the kitchen? If so, those unused wine racks might be an ideal storage solution.

2. Rack Up Your Toiletries, Hair Products and Shampoo

A wine rack in the bathroom? Absolutely! The small wine racks have just the right enclosures to place shampoo bottles, shaving cream, deodorant and other toiletries. It may also work well for holding a curling iron or small handheld hair dryer. Hang a rack or two on the bathroom wall and keep the clutter off your vanity or counter.

3. Create a Handy Closet Organizer

Why not hang your small wine rack inside your closet? Now you can store casual shoes, slippers or sneakers neatly and off the floor. If you prefer, you can store your small purses or clutches on the rack.

4. Use those Wine Racks in Your Exercise Room

Store your lightweight barbells, exercise bands or even folded up towels neatly on the racks. You might also store single serve bottled water or water bottles on the rack.

5. Store Your Coloring Supplies Neatly

Are you an artistic type of person who has gathered a load of coloring markers? Are your coloring supplies currently rolling off your desk or dining room table? Keep those markers or colored pencils stacked in color coded groups in various section of your small wine rack. If your wine rack has small slot openings, simply place several small glass cups inside the slots to hold your supplies. You can now mount the rack on the wall or place it on a desk or workstation.

6. Organize Your Home Office Supplies

Do you need a place to store and organize your bills, envelopes, letters and mail? Turn your unused small wine rack into a portable mail station.

7. Store Your Newspapers and Magazines

All you need to do is roll up your newspapers and magazines and they will fit nicely in the holders. Place your newly created magazine holder in the den, bathroom or living room.

If you use your imagination, there are many ways to repurpose a small wine rack. Test it out and see what loose items lying around the house will fit. You may be surprised.