Three Types Of Athletic Footwear That You Can Sell At Your Local Pawn Shop

When you're ready to get rid of a pair of running shoes, it's often because the shoes are worn out. With other types of athletic footwear, however, there may be some life left — and this means that you shouldn't automatically plan to discard these items. Instead, if various types of your athletic footwear are in gently used but overall good condition, you can often get some money for them at your local pawn shop. The pawn shop can then sell these items to someone who may be on a budget, resulting in a winning situation for everyone involved. Here are three types of athletic footwear that you can usually sell at your local pawn shop.

Ice Skates

If you've decided to buy a new pair of ice skates because your feet have grown or you're looking for a different brand, it's possible that your current skates are in good condition. This rule also holds true for children's ice skates; if your children are into hockey or figure skating, you may need to buy them new skates each winter because their feet are growing. Many pawn shops will be interested in buying the skates and selling them to the right buyer. And once the new owner gets the skates sharpened, they'll be almost as good as new.

Basketball Shoes

If your teenagers play basketball, they may have a special pair of shoes that are specifically reserved for this activity. This means that they aren't customarily worn outside, which can help them remain in good condition. Many teens will want new basketball shoes every season as a result of foot growth or just a desire to sport shoes that are the latest model. In either scenario, if the basketball shoes are in adequate condition, you can likely get some money for them from the pawn shop.

Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats may look in rough condition when you're ready to get rid of them, but a careful cleaning with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush can actually reveal that they're in fine shape. If you still want to buy a different pair for use, consider taking your old pair of soccer cleats to the local pawn shop. By cleaning them in advance, you'll help to make the cleats look their best, and this will work in your favor as you may be able to get more money for the shoes, which can then be sold to someone looking to play soccer but who is on a budget.

For more information on what condition your shoes should be if you want to sell them, contact a local pawn services shop in your area.